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this is our daughter Mary-beth.... she is nearly 10 years old and she loves Harley Davidson MC's and her big brother Ricky she has been known to fall asleep on the back of her Dads electroglide on more than one occasion, but she never seems to slip off...thankgod. She is the artist of the family and will have a babysitter till the of 21 years old. She is a great kid.....

this is our son Richard..... he is 10 years old going on 30...... he loves to play sports, and ride his bike...... he told me once that he will have his own Harley Davidson before he turns 21 years old........ Before his accident he wanted to be a Math Teacher, now he is not sure if he wants to be that or a Burns Doctor...we will have to wait and see he is a very responsible child and I love him very much

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